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Marketing plans for the big crop looming

By Jon Scheve, Superior Feed Ingredients, LLC

The upcoming corn and soybean harvest is expected to generate the largest crop ever. Combine that with one of the largest carryouts ever and it’s panicking both farmers and end-users without enough storage. As a result, basis levels are at mid-harvest levels before we even begin, suggesting end-users are overwhelmed with grain arriving on their doorstep as farmers clear out space to make room for the crop that will be arriving in a few weeks. The market is paying to store any part of this crop for a while, which may spur some creative storage solutions.

On a positive note, corn futures seemed to bounce off the bottom by 10 cents this week, which may suggest this year’s corn low has arrived. If this turns out to be the case it would be the third year in a row for that to have happened at the end of August.… Continue reading

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Between the Rows: Big yield potential

We’ve continued to get rain. The corn I think is wrapped up. My two big questions now are: how good will the yield be and will the amount of diseases I have in my corn affect standability? I think without a doubt this corn crop is going to be big.

Everybody has been talking about how widespread the gray leaf spot and even the northern corn leaf blight is in this area. I talked with CPS and they have sprayed more acres than they ever have and the disease is still out there. We are deciding what we want to do about spraying our double-crop beans. Even our first soybean fields that were sprayed are still heavy with disease and the fields we chose not to spray where we did not have much pressure, disease has come on heavy in them too. It is just a year where we have tremendous disease pressure.Continue reading

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Big yields getting bigger will send low prices lower

Grain prices were mixed for the month of August. Soybeans had a decline of 58 cents. Corn spent a lot of time chopping in a sideways trading pattern as it was range-bound from $3.60 to $3.80. Wheat was up 20 cents for the month. Numerous rains came across the Midwest during August, predominantly falling in the northern and western parts of the Midwest. As the rains moved eastwardly their amounts often were reduced. Many parts of Ohio did not get the frequent rains, especially in the southern half of the state.

USDA are publishing their production estimates for corn and soybeans on Sept. 11. It seems to be a forgone conclusion that production totals will be larger than those from August. The old trader’s adage, “A big crop gets bigger,” is in play for 2014. Both corn and soybean production will be record setting barring any late season weather disaster. Numerous and plentiful rains for Illinois raise the strong possibility they could see a statewide yield of 200 bushels or more.… Continue reading

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Precision ag big data conference

Did you know that over two-thirds of every dollar spent in agriculture is spent on decisions focused on seed selection, fertility, and land access? Producers annually compile new information around input selections, farming practices, and risk management to implement an improved production plan each year. Recently, advances in machine data availability, improved climate modeling, and new technologies including high resolution crop imagery have enabled new industries around the concept of Big Data which is aimed to help producers better navigate their annual decision process and result in more on-farm productivity and profitability.

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, in partnership with national precision ag leaders and Meister Media, will hold an Ag Big Data Conference on August 25, 2014 on the Iowa State University (ISU) campus. Big Data is a concept of data driven and value added decisions that has been growing in use across agriculture. As new Big Data products and services are available to producers, questions exist around data privacy, producer value, and best practices to engage with this new industry.… Continue reading

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