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Great staff is like a second family

By Matt Reese

I love our staff. I am so fortunate to have the chance to work with so many talented, kind caring folks. From the late Ed Johnson to the current Dale Minyo I have had the opportunity to work with (and learn from) some of the very best. What an honor and privilege!

With so many summer events to attend around the state, we are very rarely all in the same place at once. And, with some staff changes this year, I thought the recent Farm Science Review would be a great chance to highlight our current fantastic staff and what they do for the team to keep you up to date.


Bart and Sheryl Johnson

We are like a family and they are kind of like the parents (or in Bart’s case sometimes an ornery big brother). Bart is the son of Ed Johnson who started the company.… Continue reading

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Russell joins Ohio Ag Net team

The Ohio Ag Net is excited to announce the addition of Dave Russell to the farm broadcasting team. Dave is a veteran farm broadcaster who has served agriculture in Indiana and Ohio for decades.

“Dave brings a wealth of broadcast and agricultural knowledge to the team,” said Bart Johnson, owner of Ohio Ag Net. “I have known Dave for a long time and have always been impressed with his professionalism and his passion for agriculture. I am looking forward to his contributions to the team.”

Russell began at WRFD in Columbus. He has since been a voice for Hoosier agriculture at WOWO in Ft. Wayne, Ind. and the Indiana voice for Tribune Radio Networks. In addition to his career in farm broadcasting, Russell worked in state government, serving as Agricultural Liaison for the Indiana Department of Environmental Management and as Director Information/Public Relations for Indiana Farm Bureau, Inc. Russell is a familiar emcee at events and for his work announcing cattle shows including the Ohio Beef Expo, Ohio State Fair and several BEST shows.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Ep. 108 | HOLY COW! Dairy Farm Under Investigation and Outrageous Hay Prices

The 108th episode of the Ohio Ag Net Podcast, sponsored by AgriGold, includes hosts Matt Reese, Joel Penhorwood, and special guest Candace Lease. They discuss the investigations against Fair Oaks Farms after the undercover animal abuse video was made.

Joel Penhorwood interviews sale organizer of the LaRue Horse and Tack Sale, Janeen Heilman about the crazy high prices of hay at the sale ($65/bale). Matt Reese speaks with our Between the Rows Farmers, Dylan Baer from Wood County and Nathan Brown from Highland County.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Ep 86 | YAP Conference And A Caroling Record

It’s the Christmas Edition of the Ohio Ag Net Podcast, brought to you by AgriGold. Matt and Ty welcome in Bennett Musselman to talk about the upcoming Young Ag Professionals Leadership Experience (get registered at experienceyap.com). There was also a Christmas caroling World Record set in Ohio recently and Matt got all of the details about that great feat!… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Episode 63 | Quick progress with crops and the Farm Bill

Forget corn getting knee-high by the 4th of July. Many Ohio fields are tasseling this week. Joel Penhorwood checks in with Farm Science Review’s Nate Douridas, Dale Minyo visits with Wyandot County farmer Joe Shaeffer and Matt talks dairy goats with Mark Baden, who recently judged at the National Dairy Goat Show in Columbus. Ty Higgins hosts this week’s podcast, brought to you by AgriGold.

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Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Episode 46 | Off to Commodity Classic

The 46th episode of the Ohio Ag Net Podcast brings together Joel Penhorwood and Dale Minyo to talk the latest farm news as the rest of the crew is headed to Commodity Classic in California for the week.

Though they’re out of town, the podcast has plenty of information to tune in for. Ty Higgins has a conversation with Senator Sherrod Brown on the latest work from the Senate Ag Committee, including the 2018 Farm Bill.

Joel reaches back into the file from the National Farm Machinery Show a couple weeks ago in an interview with John Kinzebaw, founder of Kinze Planters. He briefly talks some industry trends and technology that’s standing out in 2018 ag.

The crew also hears from Jon Scheve on his latest take on the wild ride that is soybean markets.

All that and more in this week’s edition of the Ohio Ag Net Podcast.

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — October 11, 2017

Ryan Martin 10-11-17

Good rains are moving across the state today. We are keeping rain totals this morning at .25”-1” over about 70% of the state, and we are going to miss the really heavy action. Rains of 2” or more are likely in Michigan…but those storms look to pull northeast and move into Ontario, rather than heading this way. Still, this is a wet set up this morning, as we have been projecting, and it will put harvest action at a standstill.

We dry down tomorrow through Saturday. Yes, we still have a concern about lingering cloud cover tomorrow, but we do not think it really produces any new precipitation worth talking about. That being said, the clouds, if they hang around with any ferocity, will make for a damp feel, and very little dry down for the day. So, best case scenario, we can get these clouds to break up quickly tomorrow.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Episode 10 | Frost, FFA, Free Time and Whiskey

Episode #10 of the Ohio Ag Net Podcast courtesy of the good folks at AgriGold. Visit them at www.agrigold.com.

As if the wet weather and delayed planting wasn’t worrisome enough for farmers, some areas were expecting frost to start the week. The Ohio Ag Net crew of Dale Minyo, Bart Johnson, Matt Reese, Ty Higgins and Joel Penhorwood chat about what they have seen as far as frost and continued rainfall over the past week. Also, meet the 5 Ohio FFA Student Reporters that helped out during the 89th Ohio FFA State Convention, learn all about whiskey with Matt’s visit to Indian Creek Distillery and see what changes you might want to make to your grain marketing plan with Ty’s visit with Matt Bennett.… Continue reading

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New state and national Ohio Farm Bureau policies set

Friday put the wraps on another productive annual meeting for The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation (OFBF). The congregation of OFBF delegates from all over the state always seems to be filled with well-deserved awards, an election of officers and sessions that set state and national policy put forth by Farm Bureau members at their county-level meetings earlier in the year.

“Getting to see the breadth of knowledge and experience of farmers from Ohio about issues that affect them every day was exciting for me,” said Jack Irvin, Senior Director of State and National Policy with the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, after attending his first annual meeting. “It was refreshing to see this body come together and have a civil discussion, especially in a recent environment of political views that have been anything but civil.”

Highlighted issues at this year’s meeting included a possible certification or stewardship program when it comes to water quality.… Continue reading

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Still time to take part in PERC’s 2016 Propane Farm Incentive Program

With the 2016 Propane Farm Incentive Program soon coming to a close, the Propane Education & Research Council recommends producers act quickly to take advantage of limited time incentives before availability and significant program changes take effect in 2017.

Sponsored by PERC, the program provides financial incentives to qualifying and selected farmers who purchase propane-powered farm equipment in exchange for sharing real-world performance data. The program is designed to help farmers experience the benefits of propane technology while helping offset the upfront costs of new agricultural equipment.

“If you’ve been considering the purchase of new, highly efficient propane-powered equipment, now is the time to move forward to ensure optimal savings,” said Cinch Munson, Director of Agriculture Business Development at PERC. “We have a limited number of incentives still available for 2016, and now is the optimal time to make those purchases and save as much as possible in the process.”

The 2016 Propane Farm Incentive Program provides $300 per liter of fuel displacement for propane-powered irrigation engines as well as $1,500 for qualifying generators and $2,000 for qualifying agricultural heaters.… Continue reading

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High oleic soybeans available in Southern Ohio in 2017

By now, farmers across Ohio have heard of high oleic soybeans and the advantages they possess, but for years they have only been available for Northern Ohio farmers to plant. That will change in 2017.

Deciding to grow high oleic soybeans is a business decision, and each farmer has to decide what is best for his or her operation. Piketon, Ohio grower Dan Corcoran is on the United Soybean Board and he is going through that decision process right now.

Corcoran visits with The Ohio Ag Net’s Ty Higgins about the factors that will go in to deciding whether or not to add high oleic soybeans to his operation next year.… Continue reading

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If a farmer became President…

If a farmer became President
He’d still insist on paying rent
The only thing he wants for free
Is this Country that he’ll oversee

If a farmer became President
Not a single dime would be over spent
No pork escapes through the farm gate
And grass would be greener in every state

If a farmer became President
This Nation would be competent
A full days work would be a sample
Of how he leads by his example

If a farmer became President
He’d tend to every resident
Your color of iron would not command
Who he’d give a helping hand

If a farmer became President
Glory would only be heaven sent.
Nothing more than a pat on the back
Would keep his humble pride intact

If a farmer became President
He would be part of the one percent
But not the one that’s filled with greed
The one that has other mouths to feed… Continue reading

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2016 Ohio Crop Tour I-71 Day #1








Presented by AgroLiquid

Marion County

Corn Summary: As we wrap up Day #1 we continue to see some better corn and substantial moisture. This 20 inch field was planted April 25th and there is very little disease and some pest pressure (see picture below). Ear fill was solid and so was the yield guess at 171.

Soybean Summary: Even though this field was just across the lane it was planted a full 31 days later than the corn. They have turned out to be a nice even, healthy stand with some blooms yet to go. Canopy height was 38 inches and first node showed up 4 inches high. We rate this field as Good with a great chance of turning to Excellent.

Wyandot County

Corn Summary: This was by far the muddiest field we’ve been into today. Still some standing water in some parts. Still a good amount of N in these stalks.… Continue reading

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Using a biological approach to restoring soil function

Farmers that are looking to find the balance between a lower cost of production and better nutrient placement while maintaining the health of their soils may consider a strip-tillage system.

Many thoughts and ideas about this type if farming were shared in early August at The National Strip-Tillage Conference in Bloomington, Illinois.

“Farmers need to understand ecological principals and how to make their soil function properly, using biological approaches before we use a physical and chemical approach to restore soil function,” said Ray Archuleta, NRCS regional soil health specialist. “It’s not about strip-till, it’s not about no-till and it’s not about conventional-till, but it’s about understanding the whole ecosystem processes and how the soil works and how the soil wants to be approached to stimulate nutrient cycling, water cycling and solar energy capturing to help reduce inputs and enhance soil function.”

A paradigm has been formed in recent years where farmers look at their soils from a chemical and physical perspective.… Continue reading

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AgroExpo 2016: Where Agriculture Meets Innovation

AgroExpo, hosted by AgroLiquid, will connect farmers, commodity groups, grower-led associations, and news makers in the agriculture industry. By highlighting vendors in various sectors of agriculture, with similar groups being assembled together, attendees will have the flexibility to visit areas of interest.

The focus will be on innovative, professional farmers, who are seeking the latest advances in agriculture. From research and development of seed, crop protection and nutrient management, to the latest equipment and management technology, AgroExpo is sure to leave you motivated and full of ideas about the future of your farming operation. This is an opportunity for growth and expansion – both for agribusiness and for growers.

The Ohio Ag Net’s Ty Higgins visited with AgroLiquid’s Ashley Davis about what to expect at the event, August 16th-18th, in St. Johns, Michigan.

AgroLiquid Ashley Davis AgroExpoContinue reading

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High oleic soy takes over Findlay

Ohio soybean farmers were the first to plant high oleic soybeans more than five years ago and recently they took their message to the streets of Findlay, Ohio. To showcase the many attributes of high oleic, the event featured local restaurants offering foods cooked in high oleic soybean oil and gave farmers the opportunity to learn more about adding high oleic varieties to their 2017 plans.… Continue reading

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Seeking help for low prices on the dairy farm

America’s dairy farmers are struggling through a round of low milk prices across the country as dairy prices have fallen from recent record highs in 2014.

“Dairy farmers all around the world are suffering and various governments are looking at what they can do, including the U.S. government,” said Chris Galen, Senior Vice President of Communications for the National Milk Producers Federation. “We’re supportive of some efforts that have been initiated here by some key members of Congress to ask USDA if there is anything else that can be done to help farmers during this difficult time.”

It’s a worldwide phenomenon, as lower milk prices around the world can have a direct effect on milk prices across America. Lower international demand is one key factor driving the lower prices.

“China, which was a major buyer a few years ago, suddenly turned the welcome mat upside down and decided they didn’t need as much,” Galen said.… Continue reading

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Drought conditions in Ohio bring more issues than just dry soils

After a wet spring in Ohio, farmers were prepared for some drought conditions this summer. Few farmers thought those conditions would hang on as long as they have. Although dry soils are the #1 issue of a drought, many other problems come along with a lack of rain, as Account Manager David Miller tells The Ohio Ag Net’s Ty Higgins in this DuPont Pioneer Field Report.… Continue reading

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