The 2015 Block O in Field 5 at the Farm Science Review demonstrates some of the potential for precision planting technology. Photo by OSU Extension.

Your guide to virtual Farm Science Review

Find a comfortable seat and charge your device.

Farm Science Review is being held online this year because of COVID-19 concerns.

Although the Molly Caren Agricultural Center is closed to the public, you’ll be able to learn the latest agricultural technology and helpful farming techniques from more than 400 exhibitors—all for free on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

More than 200 free livestreamed and recorded talks and demos will be available online. You will have to provide your own steakburgers, milkshakes, or other FSR fare, though.

To access the content for this year’s show, Sept. 22–24, start at Some videos and other content will be available before the show begins. From inside a large scarlet banner at the top of the FSR homepage, choose from the following topic areas:

• Agronomy
• Ask the expert
• Conservation
• Educational resources
• Exhibitors
• Field demonstrations
• Livestock
• Safety, health, and wellness
• Small farms and gardening
• Youth/4-H
Hover your cursor over any of the topics and click to select. Each topic has subcategories.

You will be redirected to the Map Your Show page, where you will have access to all online content by clicking the “Home” button at the upper left corner of the page. Map Your Show and My Show Planner have been used in previous FSR shows, to help visitors navigate. The only difference this year is you’re searching lists of scheduled events and exhibitors from home.

To sign up, go to My Show Planner and create an account by entering your name and email address on a short registration form. Remember, the show is free, but an account is needed to view scheduled events at FSR. You have the option of keeping your information private from exhibitors. However, some exhibitors may require separate sign-ups for their scheduled events. Those who have used My Show Planner for past shows will find their login information to be the same.

From there, just click on the scheduled events to add them to My Show Planner. Click on Floor Plan to see your events arranged in the typical Farm Science Review layout, which may help you if you’ve visited the show before.

If you have a conflict during any of the live sessions, don’t worry. Many recorded video sessions and other material can be viewed at during and after the event until July 2021.

An additional set of instructions for navigating FSR 2020 can be found at

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