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Ohio ag groups organize to address mental health

Listen to a full conversation on this topic via the audio player above with Ohio Ag Net’s Joel Penhorwood and Ohio Farm Bureau Federation Spokesperson Ty Higgins.

From weather, to rising prices and costs of doing business, to long hours, and the weight of keeping the family farm in business can cause incredible amounts of stress and take a toll on a farmer’s mental wellbeing.

A newly created alliance will focus on mental health in agriculture to ensure Ohio’s farmers, families, and communities are better equipped to deal with stress.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA), Ohio Department of Health (ODH), Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OhioMHAS), The Ohio State University (OSU), Ohio Farm Bureau (OFB), Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation, and Farm Credit Mid-America make up the new Ohio Agricultural Mental Health Alliance (OAMHA).

The group’s first action is introducing a new, anonymous survey to seek feedback directly from rural communities.… Continue reading

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ODA hosts H2Ohio event in Putnam County

The Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) discussed open enrollment for the H2Ohio program in the original 14 county Maumee River Watershed at a press event today in Putnam County. Producers are now eligible to enroll or re-enroll acreage into proven, science-based, best management practices (BMPs) that contribute toward improving water quality in Lake Erie and other bodies of water.

H2Ohio farmer Jeff Duling hosted ODA officials, the Ohio Agriculture Conservation Initiative (OACI) and members of the Ohio House of Representatives and the Ohio Senate for an update on the program. Attendees also viewed a drone demonstration by Midwest Air LLC, planting cover crops into standing corn. Overwintering cover crops are one of H2Ohio’s BMPs farmers are implementing to protect Ohio’s water quality.

Following Governor Mike DeWine’s H2Ohio statewide expansion announcement this week, ODA’s H2Ohio experts also discussed the plan to enroll an additional 500,000 acres across the state.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Ep. 316 | Ag Finance Outlook

In this episode of the Ohio Ag Net Podcast, hosts Matt Reese of Ohio’s Country Journal and Dusty Sonnenburg of Ohio Ag Net talk with Elizabeth Long and Larry Davis of Ag Resource Management. They talk about agriculture finances and the input cost associated with running a farming operation. With the Farm Bill expiring soon, they also discuss important topics to pay close attention to.  

More in this week’s podcast: 

  • GrowNextGen: Dale visits Waterman Farms at The Ohio State University to talk with a teacher who utilizes the content from the GrowNextGen programming to teach interactive lessons to students in the classroom. 
  • Luke VanTilburg, MVP Dairy, LLC: Luke talks with Joel about chopping silage and the growing season leading up to the silage harvest.
Luke VanTilburg13:17
Main Conversation, Elizabeth Long and Larry Davis20:57
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More outdoor learning opportunities focus of new pilot program

GrowNextGen is partnering with The Ohio State University to bring more outdoor learning opportunities to students in Ohio. Dale visits with Patrick Nightingale from Kipp Academy, a GrowNextGen teacher, who took part in an educational event earlier this week at Waterman Farms.

GrowNextGen is a program of the Ohio’s Soybean farmers and their checkoff.… Continue reading

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Ohio’s Country Journal & Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Ep. 315 | The Scoop on Farm Science Review

In this episode of the Ohio Ag Net Podcast, hosts Matt Reese of Ohio’s Country Journal and Dusty Sonnenburg of Ohio Ag Net talk with Matt Sullivan about the upcoming Farm Science Review. Sullivan works as the superintendent of the Molly Caren Ag Center. He talks about the upcoming technology and excitement that this year’s farm show will bring Sept. 19-21 in London, Ohio.    

More in this week’s podcast: 

  • Sandra Lausecker, Ohio Poultry Association: Sandra talks about what is going on in the poultry industry, including the effects of highly pathogenic avian influenza with Matt. 
  • Melanie Strait-Bok, Farm Credit Mid-America: What to learn how to succession plan your farm? Melaine talks with Joel about carrying on your farm to the next generation. 
  • Dale Everman, Homan Inc: Everman talks about animal health and proper ventilation with Dale.
  • Bret Davis, GrowNextGen: Bret opened up his farm to teachers within the GrowNextGen program and discusses his experience with Dale. 
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Succession planning: What are you waiting for?

In this featured audio discussion, Ohio Ag Net’s Joel Penhorwood sits down with Farm Credit Mid-America’s Melanie Strait-Bok, senior vice president of agricultural lending, for an in-depth look at the many tools and advice at farmers’ fingertips to make a succession plan for their operation. The topic has been a touchy one for many farms in the past, but as Strait-Bok details, there has never been a better time to get started, including exceptional resources for up and coming farmers through the Growing Forward Program.Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Ep. 314 | Oil and Gas Update, With a Side of Rain

In this episode of the Ohio Ag Net Podcast, hosts Matt Reese of Ohio’s Country Journal and Joel Penhorwood of Ohio Ag Net talk with Clif Little about the oil and gas industry within eastern Ohio. Little works as an Educator, Agriculture and Natural Resources for Ohio State University Extension in Guernsey County. He specializes in beef, sheep, forages, grazing systems, and oil and gas leasing. He is also the author of Important Aspects of an Oil and Gas Lease. Here’s the link to his article: https://ohioline.osu.edu/factsheet/anr-88.

More in this week’s podcast: 

  • Patrick Twining, Lorain County Fair: Patrick talks with Dusty about the massive rainfall that happened at the Lorain County fair, where some places saw 6 to 8 inches of rain. 
  • Bill McDonald, Seed Consultants: What impact will the recent rainfall have on the yields this fall? Dale stops to talk with Bill to find the impact growers will see. 
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Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Ep. 313 | Raising Beef, Cultivating Resilience: Insights from Charlie Reffitt at Hondros Farms

In this episode of the Ohio Ag Net Podcast, hosts Matt Reese of Ohio’s Country Journal and Dusty Sonnenberg of Ohio Ag Net delve into the world of international trade and local agriculture. The main focus of the episode is a captivating conversation with Charlie Reffitt, president of Hondros Farms in Delaware County. Charlie shares insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by high-end beef production, including Wagyu, as well as the innovative approaches he has had to take as modern farm manager. He also discusses the challenges he has powered through after a hunting accident left him paralyzed.

Ohio Corn and Wheat Growers Association Colombia Trade Mission Recap: The podcast also features intriguing audio content from the recent Ohio Corn and Wheat Growers Association Trade Mission, hosting visitors from Colombia. Discover the insights gained from this international experience as Matt and Dusty speak with various experts:

  • Tyler Drewes, OCWGA Board Member: Tyler provides a firsthand account of the trade mission’s goals and accomplishments, shedding light on the importance of global agricultural connections.
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Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Ep. 312 | Revving Up with Unleaded 88 fuel 

High-performance vehicles might be making the same decisions as you at the retail gas pump. In this podcast, Matt Reese and Joel Penhorwood are joined by Ohio Corn & Wheat’s Ethanol Specialist, Brad Moffitt, to discuss Unleaded 88 fuel, ethanol from corn, high-performance racing, and cleaner air emissions. The conversation will debunk some common fuel myths, highlight some of the top ethanol blend users, and understand why it’s safe for your gas tank. 

Also in this week’s podcast:

Corn & Wheat Membership Blitz 

Marlene Eick and John Settlemyre speak about the grain checkoff program and association groups in Ohio, along with the advocacy benefits to farmers. 

Cattle Nutrition with Mark Goeke 

An Allen County cattle herd creates feed rations with increasing soybean contents for growth. 

Human Inc. with Dale Everman 

Wheat harvest has completed in Ohio, so what’s next? Dale speaks about post-harvest options, including manure application. 

Kenn-Feld & TTG Equipment Merger 

Jameson Ringger and Tom Burenga announce their company merger as TRULAND Equipment, effective August 21st. … Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Ep. 311 | Fields & Fame: Crop Tour to State Fair

It’s that time of the season for the Ohio Crop Tour with OSU Extension and Ohio Country Journal. In this podcast, Matt Reese and Dusty Sonnenberg are joined by Extension’s Greg LaBarge to discuss the major events of the growing season and what the travel crop sampling teams will be on the lookout for in the coming week. From yield estimates to season predictions, growers are getting into the fields and collecting data. 

Also in this week’s podcast:

Ohio State Fair Sale of Champions

Joel Penhorwood recaps the records and champions of the 2023 Ohio State Fair. 

Matt Bowers with Dye Real Estate

Matt Reese hears about current farmland prices, alternative energy sources, and evaluating your current land value. 

Between the Rows with Lawrence Onweller and Doug Miller 

Weekly farmer update from Fulton and Fayette counties discussing best practices with recent rain. 

GNG Ambassadors at the Fair 

Joel Penhorwood speaks with Grow Next Gen Ambassador, Shelbie Snoke, about new STEM-based activities they are bringing to county fairs and classrooms. … Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Ep. 310 | Reflecting with Regula

The 310th episode of the Ohio Ag Net Podcast comes to you from the 2023 Ohio State Fair. Joel and Matt sit down with famed auctioneer Johnny Regula as they discuss county fair auctions, the Sale of Champions, memories from years past, and much more as the second week of the State Fair gets underway.

Also in this week’s podcast:

Terry Mescher, ODA, on H2Ohio

Dusty Sonnenberg gets an update on the growing H2Ohio program from Terry Mescher of Ohio Department of Agriculture.

Farm Credit Mid-America Growing Forward

Dale Minyo talks with Farm Credit Mid-America’s Scott LaGuire and Hilary Poulson about the unique opportunities offered by the Growing Forward program.

Congressman Max Miller on Farm Bill

U.S. Representative Max Miller of Ohio’s seventh congressional district talks with Joel Penhorwood about his work on the House Ag Committee and work being done on the 2023 Farm Bill.

Intro with Johnny Regula0:00.000
Terry Mescher of ODA on H2Ohio3:58.639
Farm Credit Growing Forward8:42.901
Congressman Max Miller on Farm Bill update22:34.630
Storytime with Johnny Regula29:00.665
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Audio: U.S. Rep. Max Miller talks Farm Bill issues as work intensifies

The current Farm Bill expires at the end of September, but the expected $1.5 trillion piece of legislation has a lot of issues to tackle before it’s completed. In this audio interview, Ohio Ag Net’s Joel Penhorwood talks with Congressman Max Miller (R), representing Ohio’s 7th congressional district, about his work on the House Ag Committee and specifically the issues he has seen come to the forefront with regard to the Farm Bill important to farmers.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Ep. 309 | Strickler reflects on 30 years with Ohio State Fair

Long-time Ohio Expo Center and State Fair General Manager Virgil Strickler is retiring after 30 years with the Ohio State Fair. In his tenure, major changes to the fair and junior livestock programs have taken place. In this podcast, Ohio’s Country Journal’s Matt Reese and Ohio Ag Net’s Joel Penhorwood joins him to discuss the success of the Ohio State Fair under his charge, challenges along the way, and his perspective on leadership.

Other interviews in this episode of the podcast include…

Between the Rows highlight with Lawrence Onweller

Matt talks with Fulton County farmer Lawrence Onweller about the major rain variability in his part of the state and how the crop is shaping up in 2023.

Jed Bower re-elected to National Corn Board

Ohio Ag Net’s Dusty Sonnenberg hears from Fayette County corn grower Jed Bower about his re-election to the National Corn Board.

Farmhand Mike

Mike Less of Darke County, better known as Farmhand Mike on social media, joins Joel from the recent Fennig Equipment ride and drive event to introduce their new offering of Deutz-Fahr tractors.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Ep. 308 | Beneath the Roots: Nematode

Some of the smallest organisms have one of the largest scientific following. Hosts of the Ohio Ag Net Podcast, Matt Reese, Dusty Sonnenberg, and Joel Penhorwood discuss nematode impact on crops and forests. The Society of Nematology recently met in Columbus to discuss everything from seed treatment to soybean impact and nematode’s role in our landscapes. Dr. Joe Boggs from The Ohio State University is the podcast guest to discuss poison hemlock, the dangers of wild parsnip, and economic impact of the Box Tree Moth. 

Dr. George Bird from Michigan State joins the conversation to discuss his leadership in the Soybean Cyst Nematode Coalition and his 40-year career in the field. From Auburn University, Dr. Kathy Lawrence talks with Dusty about the many growing trials that are benefiting growers and how nematode apply to all specialty crops, especially in the southern United States. 

From the University of Illinois, Champaign Urbana, Dr.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Ep. 307 | Inside Ohio’s State Budget

Summer is usually a break for those in policy and politics, however, this week’s guests are staying busy with the state budget. Hosts of the Ohio Ag Net Podcast, Dusty Sonnenberg and Joel Penhorwood, discuss the recently passed state operating budget and the House Agriculture Committee. They’re joined by podcast guest, Director of State Policy for Ohio Farm Bureau, Evan Callicoat. The conversation will cover how agriculture is benefiting from lines in the state budget, improvements to H2Ohio Water Initiative, and what it takes to implement new Ohio funding. 

Dusty sits down with Representative Rodney Creech, Chair of the House Agriculture & Conversation Committee, to hear his thoughts on the recently passed legislation and the goals of his leadership in agriculture. He brings a unique perspective as a Preble County farmer, landscape business owner, and legislator for Ohio.

Dale hears updates from Homan Inc. with Dale Everman about everything agriculture solutions.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Ep. 306 | Small Farm, Strong Genetics

On this week’s episode of the Ohio Ag Net Podcast, a Champaign County operation is making a strong presence in dairy genetics. Matt Reese, Joel Penhorwood, and Dusty Sonnenberg welcome Jenny Thomas of Triple T Holsteins to end National Dairy Month. Their discussion highlights the value of small farms, the in-and-outs of livestock photography, and the busy schedule of a small herd. 

Rainfall has been looking different everywhere in the state; Matt visits with Laurence Onweller of Fulton County to get an update on the Northwest Ohio growing season and rainfall in his region. Dale visits with Olivia Pflaumer, environmental science educator, at the Grow Next Gen Ag Biotech Graduate Academy. Students are not leaving problems unsolved in Pflaumer’s science classroom. They discuss biotechnology in the agriculture classroom and its impact on students. 

Soybean-based pretzels, tomato juice, and bread are all workings of Ohio State researcher, Dr. Yael Vodovotz. Dale speaks with her about her interdisciplinary research with the agriculture college and medical school.… Continue reading

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