CLARIFIDE now available from Pfizer Animal Genetics

CLARIFIDE, a new genomic test for comprehensive evaluation of dairy females, is now available from Pfizer Animal Genetics, a business unit of Pfizer Animal Health.

CLARIFIDE is a 3,000-marker (3K) DNA panel that was developed through collaboration between USDA-ARS and Illumina. CLARIFIDE delivers Genomic Predicted Transmitting Ability (GPTA) values for 30 production, health and type traits, and nine composite indexes. These predictions provide insights into animals’ future genetic potential early in an animal’s life.

“CLARIFIDE provides a cost-effective way for commercial dairy producers to take advantage of the many benefits of genomic testing,” says Nigel Evans, vice president of Pfizer Animal Genetics. “Genomics has been available in the dairy industry for the past few years, but has only been practical for a small number of elite animals. CLARIFIDE now puts genomic testing into the hands of commercial dairymen.”

With CLARIFIDE, commercial dairy producers can optimize selection, mating and management of Holstein, Jersey and Brown Swiss females. Dairy producers can identify the females — along with their daughters — that will be the genetic future of their herds.

Pfizer Animal Genetics has implemented CLARIFIDE in partnership with several commercial dairies from across the United States to demonstrate the value of the new tool in real-world situations. In addition, Pfizer Animal Genetics worked with the USDA Animal Improvement Programs Laboratory (AIPL) to transform the results of genetic evaluations into knowledge via customer tools and expertise to enhance on-farm application and decision-making. All of this, coupled with the fact that CLARIFIDE provides exceptional reliability in predicting genetic potential when compared with traditional Predicted Transmitting Abilities (PTA), make it a powerful tool for dairy producers.

“CLARIFIDE gives commercial producers access to genetic information that would normally require years if not decades of production records,” Evans says. “Putting this in context, a cow could not generate enough progeny and production records over her entire lifetime to achieve the levels of reliability available from CLARIFIDE.”

To maximize the benefits of CLARIFIDE™, Mike Layfield, group director, U.S. Dairy Business, Pfizer Animal Health, suggests that producers start by evaluating replacement heifers prior to breeding.

“The true value of CLARIFIDE can be captured by evaluating animals at a young age that will have a lifetime of influence on a herd,” Layfield says. “Decisions then can be made regarding mating, enhanced reproductive technologies and voluntary culling. CLARIFIDE also provides information that can be useful for veterinarians and producers to better predict inbreeding depression and manage inbreeding, which has become a growing challenge in the dairy genetic pool.”

Layfield adds that the introduction of CLARIFIDE is the latest example of Pfizer Animal Health’s commitment to the dairy veterinarians and producers via a full line of dairy management solutions.

“We are dedicated to providing the tools, technology, technical service and management programs that support the whole animal and enterprise,” he says. “From disease prevention and treatment, to reproductive and performance enhancement, as well as genetic optimization, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to support and enhance our customers’ businesses.”

To access sampling information, an electronic order form and more information on CLARIFIDE, visit or call 1-877-233-3362.

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