Bee-ware of scams and vandals

By Barbara Bloetscher, State Apiarist, Ohio Department of Agriculture

Several incidents of vandalism and scams have been reported the last two months.  A group (most likely PETA) poured kerosene in some live hives and left a sign stating that they had “freed the bees of human domination.”  Of course beekeepers know that the group just murdered the bees in very heinous way and that beekeepers are doing their best to keep bees ALIVE.  Please keep an eye on your hives and do not let anyone handle the hives except for the County Apiary Inspector and friends whom you have authorized.

Another person or persons have reportedly written a list of violations against a beekeeper and left the “ticket” containing violations and fines for the beekeeper to pay.  NO ONE including the State Apiarist has the authority to write violations without first contacting the beekeeper and undergoing major paper work and legal transactions which takes months to undergo.  At this point, the State Apiarist is trying to work with beekeepers and encourage healthy beekeeping instead of working against the beekeepers.  In other words, if you find anyone inspecting your bees or indications that someone has tampered with your bees except for the County Apiary Inspector and those you have authorized, please contact the police and the Ohio Dept of Agriculture.

Contact info: ODA 614-728-6373

You can also file a complaint through the Ohio Attorney General office:

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  1. Seems kind of unnecessary and irresponsibility to assume the violators were PETA, no need to jump to such presumptions. Maybe if you provide us with some past confirmed attacks by PETA on bee keepers, that would make the connection, otherwise, it comes across as delirious conspiracy theory talk…just a thought.

    • I thought the same thing when I read this, but it is a letter directly from Barbara Bloetscher, the State Apiarist for the Ohio Department of Agriculture. Though she does not provide it, I am guessing she has fairly sound evidence for her statements.

    • Exactly! Why accuse PETA? Whoever did this is NOT an animal advocate.

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