Like A Punch In The Gut

By Ty Higgins

The new animal abuse video circulating hit Ty Higgins like a punch in the gut. Those of us involved with agriculture know how the vast majority of dairy cattle are treated, but many consumers do not.

Sometimes that line between farm broadcaster and farm boy is hard to see. This thought comes to me as I watch something else that is hard to see, the new undercover video from Mercy for Animals from a livestock operation in Texas. It is not for the faint of heart, but the only way you can defend the agricultural industry that you know and love is to see what those outside of the ag community will be talking about as this video is spreading quickly. I was literally sick after watching this 3 minute clip. Heck, the first 15 seconds were more than enough. What made it even worse for me is remembering my time as a child on our dairy farm feeding the calves their bottles everyday and learning how to care for them in the best ways possible.

After watching the video I felt the need to immediately see how those in agriculture were reacting. I ran across a blog from one of the brightest young farmers in Ohio from one of the most respected farm families in Ohio. Here is the latest entry from Sam Wildman’s blog, Reflections From A Country Boy. I don’t think I could’ve said it better myself, Sam.

Proof that there is a right way to raise dairy calves and for the vast majority of producers it is the only way.

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