State of pork industry, production lessons at Pork Congress

The 2017 Ohio Pork Congress brought producers from all aspects of the swine industry to Columbus February 14.

Ohio Pork Council’s Ryan McClure and Rich Deaton each noted the supply demand atmosphere of the pork council in the past, and what it has for the future including increased packing plants down the road.

OSU Extension’s Glenn Arnold was one of many professionals in attendance. Arnold offered advice on what this winter has meant for manure handling and what to keep in mind in the meantime.

Ohio Ag Net’s Joel Penhorwood has more from the well-attended meeting.… Continue reading

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U.S. livestock, genetic export groups learn from Rickenbacker trade work

U.S. Livestock Genetic Export, Inc. is in Columbus this week for their annual meeting, bringing together livestock groups from across the country with a hand in international trade. They kicked off their stay in the Buckeye State with a first hand look at the work that goes on with regard to livestock export at Rickenbacker Airport in Columbus. The Columbus Port Authority and the Ohio Livestock and Genetic Export Council helped host the group for supper, bringing guest speakers from different avenues of the unique industry together.

Proponents of the Rickenbacker livestock export process say the groups involved are working to make the process of international air transport as humane and stress-free as possible for all types of livestock involved. Though horses are one of the top livestock being exported regularly from the airport, many other species such as sheep, cattle, and more regularly make trips on plane from the commerce-heavy inland port.… Continue reading

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Mower maintenance tips to take care of this off season

Be it out in the country or in the city, a well-cared-for yard is something everybody can take pride in. And with lawn care taking a break this time of year, and equipment taking up residence in shops and garages, the professionals of Koenig Equipment tell us it’s an exceptional time to be thinking about mower maintenance for the year ahead. Dave Oakley, lawn and turf specialist for Koenig’s Urbana location, takes a look at some of the commonly overlooked maintenance items, as well as professional service options.… Continue reading

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Ohio Pork Council and Farm Credit Mid-America promote careers in farming

The Ohio Pork Council and Farm Credit Mid-America are partnering to provide high school students with the opportunity to video chat, live from their classrooms with Ohio pig farmers to learn more current farming practices and strengthen their interest in pursuing a career on a pig farm. The Ohio Ag Net’s Ty Higgins gets more information from Ohio Pork Council President Rich Deaton.… Continue reading

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New disease protection hybrids show promising results

This past growing season was a mixed bag of variables that could have lowered corn yields considerably at an given point, but according to DEKALB Asgrow Technical Agronomist Roy Ulrich some of DEKALB’s “Disease Shield” hybrids performed on a different level in 2016. Get more details in his visit with The Ohio Ag Net’s Ty Higgins.… Continue reading

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SCN testing critical in 2017

The continued dip in the ag economy is causing farmers to give pause when it comes to justifying every dollar that is being spent. For many producers in Northwest Ohio that dollar would be well spend on Soybean Cyst Nematode testing, according to DuPont Pioneer Account Manager Chasitie Euler. She gives more details to The Ohio Ag Net’s Ty Higgins in this week’s DuPont Pioneer Field Report.… Continue reading

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Keys to picking the right numbers for 2017

After the past couple of years, consistency is not a word that is used often when it comes to growing seasons in Ohio. Account Manager Kevin Forrest says consistency for DuPont Pioneer products in his area of Logan, Champaign and Union Counties is helping farmers choose the right hybrids and varieties for 2017. He shares more details with The Ohio Ag Net’s Ty Higgins in this DuPont Pioneer Field Report.… Continue reading

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