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Tallmadge wins Ohio Farm Bureau 2024 Excellence in Ag award

Sara Tallmadge of Ashland County has been named winner of Ohio Farm Bureau Federation’s 2024 Excellence in Agriculture Award. The award, announced Jan. 27 at the Young Agricultural Professionals Winter Leadership Experience, recognizes successful young agricultural professionals who are actively contributing and growing through their involvement with Farm Bureau and agriculture.

Tallmadge is a Senior Laboratory Animal Technologist and Registered Veterinary Technician supporting livestock animal and public health research at The Ohio State University’s Center for Food Animal Health, which is located on the CFAES Wooster Campus. She is president of Ashland County Farm Bureau, serves on the Young Agricultural Professionals State Committee and is a Class X graduate of AgriPOWER, Ohio Farm Bureau’s elite leadership program. She is a member of the Ohio Rural Health Association and has served on the CFAES Staff Advisory Council.

A graduate of Stautzenberger College’s Veterinary Technician program and The Ohio State University with a bachelor’s degree in health science, Tallmadge is currently working on her master’s of clinical research, also at Ohio State.… Continue reading

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Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Ep. 337 | From Farm to Forum: Farm Bureau Ag Day at the Capital

In this episode of the Ohio Ag Net Podcast, host Matt Reese of Ohio’s Country Journal talks with Joe Evertt, Shelby County Farm Bureau, Steve Wickersham, Marion County Farm Bureau, and Evan Callicoat, Director of State Policy for Ohio Farm Bureau about Ag Day at the Capital. They talk about why the event is important for Ohio Agriculture and what it means for Ohio Farm Bureau.   

More in this week’s podcast:   

  • GrowNextGen: Teachers Erin Molden and Jennifer Foudray talks with Dale about the impact GrowNextGen has within their classrooms. 
  • Scott Higgins, American Dairy Association Mideast: Ohio Dairy Producers Association is holding their annual meeting soon, and Dale catches up with Scott to talk all things Ohio Dairy.
  • Max Miller, Congressman: Dusty talks with Max about his recent award of being named the Guardian of Ohio Corn and Wheat Award. He also talks about being a champion for Ohio agriculture  
  • Additional Segment: Matt talks about not wishing away winter. 
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Crop insurance deadlines coming

By Doug Tenney, Leist Mercantile

Last month Cindy and I were talking about the upcoming solar eclipse as Ohio will be one of several states to experience the event. I mentioned to the need for some type of eye protection, more than sunglasses, perhaps even a welding helmet would be needed. She asked, “What’s a “Wally Helmet?” I slowly spelled, “w-e-l-d-i-n-g helmet.” I guess I talk too fast. The partial or total eclipse will traverse Ohio in a line from west of Cleveland and southwest to Greenville beginning at 1:59 pm that afternoon. Just like the proper equipment will be essential, it will be necessary to relay exact information at precise times in preparation for the spring planting season to be termed a success. At any rate, she’s still teasing me about my Wally helmet.

Ohio’s producers have until March 15 to make their final decisions on their crop insurance coverages for 2024 corn and soybeans.… Continue reading

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Eliminating unwanted woody weeds from pastures in the winter

By Dean Kreager, Licking County Agriculture and Natural Resources Educator

When you look at your pastures this winter do you see nice clean pastures, or do you see multiflora rose and unwanted scrub trees reminding you that they are not going away. Controlling undesirable woody plants such as multiflora rose, honey locust, autumn olive, and ailanthus can improve your pastures by reducing competition for nutrients, saving on flat tire repair, and reducing the number of lame animals from thorns. Weed control is a never-ending war but even in the winter you can win some battles. Acting now, while plants are dormant, can be very effective at eliminating woody perennial plants while minimizing damage to non-target plants.


Control by cutting or pulling when the ground is not frozen can be accomplished during winter. This can provide instant gratification since the results are immediate. Persistence in the future will be important with mechanical methods since roots that may remain in the ground are often able to generate new plants.… Continue reading

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California fuel standard updates leave biofuels behind

Growth Energy, the nation’s largest biofuel trade association, submitted comments to the California Air Resources Board (CARB) regarding the board’s proposed changes to California’s low-carbon fuel standard (LCFS). Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor issued the following statement in response:

“While California has its sights set on the future, the state continues to overlook a significant challenge that it faces right now: decarbonizing the millions of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles in the state that will continue to be on the road for decades.

“Despite its commitment to being an environmental leader, the state’s recently proposed changes to its LCFS ignore plant-based fuel options that could immediately help the state achieve its climate goals. Instead, the proposals put up roadblock after roadblock that prevent the deployment of crop-based biofuels — one of the only proven, drop-in solutions available today that can significantly lower the emissions of ICE vehicles.

“CARB’s proposed changes to crop-based biofuels’ status in the LCFS defy the program’s commitment to technology neutrality, fly in the face of the state’s administrative rules, and place an unfair burden on bioethanol that isn’t supported by science.… Continue reading

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First seeds planted at new Buckeye State Tree Nursery

In February, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine joined Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Director Mary Mertz to plant the first seeds in Ohio’s new Buckeye State Tree Nursery. 

“The opening of the Buckeye State Tree Nursery is a huge step toward protecting and replenishing forests across Ohio,” Governor DeWine said. “Planting trees is an investment into our state’s future, and by growing the seedlings right here in the Buckeye State, we are making that future even brighter for our children and grandchildren.”

The only tree nursery of its kind in Ohio, the Buckeye State Tree Nursery will address regional shortages of suitable tree seedlings, assist with integral tree conservation projects, and invest in the future of Ohio’s forests. The nursery will be located on ODNR Division of Forestry property at the same site as the previous Zanesville Nursery, which closed in 2003. 

The nursery will focus on growing hardwood producing trees including several species of oak, hickory, black walnut, sycamore and American chestnut. … Continue reading

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EPA grants request for year-round E15

The Environmental Protection Agency announced in February that it will grant the request by eight Midwestern governors to allow the year-round sale of fuel with a 15% ethanol blend, or E15, in their states beginning in the summer of 2025. 

The announcement was welcomed by the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA), which has been fighting to break down barriers to the environmentally friendly biofuels. 

“We are glad to hear this decision from EPA, as it puts us on the road to providing more certainty to America’s corn growers and consumers who will save money at the pump,” said Harold Wolle, NCGA President and Minnesota Farmer. “However, given that this decision will not take effect until the summer of 2025, we question and are concerned about the implications of the timeline for growers and consumers this summer.” 

The sale of E15 has been banned during the summer months to meet federal clean air standards that have been shown to be unnecessary and outdated.… Continue reading

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“Battle for the Belt”, soybean results

By Dusty Sonnenberg, CCA, Field Leader, a project of the Ohio Soybean Council and Soybean Check-off

In the “Battle for the Belt, corn vs. soybean?” the primary question being asked is which crop should be planted first to get the greatest yield benefit. “We can also look at the other side of the question, which crop has the smallest yield penalty for delayed planting,” said Dr. Laura Lindsey, OSU Extension Soybean and Small Grains Specialist. “Can we adjust our management practices to mitigate losses due to late planting? We don’t want to plant late, but sometimes weather conditions in Ohio dictate when we plant, which can be later than we like to see.” 

Delayed planting incorporates considerations beyond the weather. “We need to look at interactions with insects, diseases, weeds, and many other factors. When you alter your planting date, you also alter the problems you may encounter in the growing season,” said Lindsey.… Continue reading

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Be smart, and don’t be dumb

By Leisa Boley Hellwarth

My contracts law professor used to begin every exam by encouraging us “to be smart, and don’t be dumb.”  At the time, I thought that was the most irritating, condescending advice and an obnoxious way to start a test.  And then I graduated law school, passed the bar and started representing clients.  And you have no idea how many times I wanted to tell clients “to be smart, and don’t be dumb.”  In fact, some might have benefited from a wrist tattoo of those very words (and I am not a tattoo person), or at least an engraved medallion worn around their neck as a remembrance of the advice.

There is a case hot off the press from federal court in the Western District of Pennsylvania that illustrates less than intelligent behavior by defendants, and it is an agricultural case. United States of America v. Robert Yost and Jacob Reese.Continue reading

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Wolcott wins Ohio Farm Bureau 2024 Outstanding Young Farmer award

Catherine Wolcott of Geauga County is the winner of Ohio Farm Bureau’s Young Agricultural Professionals 2024 Outstanding Young Farmer competition. The results were announced Jan. 27 during the YAP Winter Leadership Experience.

The Outstanding Young Farmer Award competition is designed to help young farmers strengthen their business skills, develop marketing opportunities and receive recognition for their accomplishments. Contestants are judged on the growth of their farm businesses and involvement in Farm Bureau and their community.

Wolcott and her husband own and operate G.A.R. Horizons, a small farm raising pork, beef and chicken with an on-site farm store, along with crop farming 110 acres around the county.

An eight-year member of Geauga County Farm Bureau, Wolcott has served as a board member and secretary for the organization and is currently a Geauga County 4-H advisor. She is a member of many local organizations, including the Chardon Area Chamber of Commerce, Destination Geauga and Chardon Square Association.… Continue reading

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Hear Ohio Ag Net on WEDI AM/FM out of Preble Co.

We continue our series highlighting the outstanding Ohio Ag Net radio affiliates carrying the best in Ohio ag news.

This week, we say thank you to 105.5 FM and 1130 AM WEDI serving Preble and surrounding counties, with coverage airing at 5:45 a.m., 8:00, 11:00, 3:30 p.m., and 4:30. Tune in to hear the Ohio Ag Net Monday-Friday on Real Roots Radio!

The best in Ohio ag news is easy to find! If your current station doesn’t feature the voice of Ohio Ag—turn the dial! Click here to view the complete affiliate listing, including air times.Continue reading

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Respect for heritage with a focus on the future at Murphy Family Farms

By Matt Reese

Delivering pizzas may not typically be thought of as a stepping-stone job for a young farmer, but Brad Weaver said each one of his various off-farm jobs helped better prepare him for his current role on Murphy Family Farms in Wyandot County.

“I’ve always worked off the farm. In high school I had other jobs. I did some lawn mowing and in college I delivered pizzas for a while. I’ve been a mason tender, I worked at Kalmbach Feeds and then I started trucking. My dad owns an excavating company and I worked for him all through high school and college too,” Weaver said. “As I’ve moved up on the farm, I bought my own semi and now I continue to do some trucking. I think all of my off-farm jobs helped me out with what I’m doing now, whether it be personal relationships or just being able to talk to people in different circumstances.… Continue reading

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Mahindra unveils new line of compact, subcompact tractors and utility vehicles

Viren Popli, CEO of Mahindra Ag North America visits with Ohio Ag Net’s Joe Everett about their new compact and sub compact tractor lineups. Popli talks about how this new line is more comfortable, easier to operate, and lists some of the newest features. Listen to the full interview in the audio player above, or read the article below for more information.

Mahindra’s newest compact and subcompact tractors were unveiled at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville.

More power, more comfort and cutting-edge intelligence that targets the needs of operators in rural, farm and ranch settings — these are the features of Mahindra’s newest compact and subcompact tractors unveiled at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville.

The new design, engineering and technology platform on which its new tractor models are built has been dubbed “Powered by OJA,” from the Sanskrit word “Ojas,” which symbolizes energy and strength. For Mahindra customers, that means a powerful, reliable and easy-to-operate tractor.… Continue reading

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Big yields have growers excited to plant in 2024

By Matt Reese and Dusty Sonnenberg

The 2023 growing season produced some amazing corn and wheat yields across the state. The Ohio Corn and Wheat Growers annually coordinate the Ohio Corn Yield Contest and the Ohio Wheat Yield Contest. Many of the top winners gathered for the Celebration of Ohio Corn & Wheat in Bucyrus in February.

“We run these side by side with the national contests and we recognize Ohio’s yield contest participants at this event,” said Brad Moffitt with Ohio Corn & Wheat. “One interesting fact is we’ve got irrigated corn in Ohio, but an irrigated entry has never won our contest. It’s always been a non-irrigated or what the contest calls dryland entry. This year Corey Farrens hit 340.4 bushels per acre. He is near South Solon in Madison County. Corey Atley down in Greene County still holds the record at 360+ bushels per acre. We have a 300-bushel club to give recognition to every contestant that hits 300 or higher.… Continue reading

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206 Bushel per acre soybeans at CTC 24

By Mark Badertscher, Randall Reeder, Adapted from C.O.R.N 2024-04

The Conservation Tillage & Technology Conference (CTC) will be held in-person March 12-13 at Ohio Northern University in Ada. The first day of this year’s conference will feature Alex Harrell, Soybean Yield Champion from southwest Georgia with a yield of 206 bushels per acre. His presentation has been made possible by sponsor Brandt Professional Agriculture.

Shawn Conley, Extension Soybean Specialist, University of Wisconsin, will return and be paired with Alex Harrell and Laura Lindsey, OSU Extension, during the Agronomic Crop Management session after lunch, Tuesday. Shawn Conley is always one of the conference’s most popular speakers.

Paul Jasa, Extension Agricultural Engineer, University of Nebraska, will return to CTC as another one of the main speakers, sponsored by Calmer Corn Heads, he will speak four times. Pioneer is sponsoring Dr. Nicolas Martin, University of Illinois, speaking on “Do Management Zones Increase Yields?”

With about 60 speakers total, CTC gives plenty of opportunities to gain valuable information.… Continue reading

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Ohio 4-H Spark Expo Returns in June

Students will have the opportunity to explore future careers at the 4-H Spark EXPO this summer on The Ohio State University campus.

From June 12-15, teens at the Spark EXPO will learn about agriculture and related STEAM fields from industry experts, and faculty and staff of the Ohio State College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES). 

“Not all students find their way to a four-year college, so we want to ensure all young people know 4-H is a space to prepare them for wherever their path may lead them after high school,” said Margo Overholt-Seckel, 4-H workforce development and pathways program manager. “Spark introduces them to a variety of educational and career opportunities they may not know about.”

As part of Spark EXPO, students visit Ohio State’s Columbus and Wooster campuses and learn from Ohio State students, teachers, scientists, and researchers. Students explore careers, hear from Ohio 4-H alumni who share their career stories, and learn about the college and career-readiness program: Ohio 4-H Pathways to the Future.… Continue reading

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Policy priorities for 2024 unveiled at OFBF Ag Day at the Capital

By Matt Reese

Land use, broadband and property taxes were all part of the discussion at the 2024 Ag Day at the Capital when Farm Bureau members from around Ohio came to Columbus to meet with legislators.

 “It is very good to put a face with a story. It’s a little more personal, you know, when you talk to somebody face to face. It’s a little bit better than just sending a letter or even making phone calls,” said Rich Maxwell, from Perry County Farm Bureau who serves on the Public Policy Committee. “I’ve left these meetings and 4 or 5 months later I’ve been in a different meeting and met that representative and they remember me and they give me an update on the issues that we’ve talked about. They’re very receptive to the issues.”

Land use and farmland preservation were brought up in Maxwell’s meetings.

“We talked about land use and urban sprawl, trying to figure out agricultural easements and how to preserve farmland,” he said.… Continue reading

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Ohio Pork Congress assessed numerous industry challenges

By Matt Reese and Dale Minyo

There are a number of very significant challenges facing Ohio’s pork industry right now, but a casual visitor to the 2024 Ohio Pork Congress held in Lima in February, probably would not know based on the upbeat attendees, optimism for the future and very strong PAC auction, among other things.

“The trade show was full, there were a lot of positive attitudes and the PAC auction was great. It is such a good time to get everybody there. Everybody’s in a great mood and they’re willing to spend money because it goes to a good cause,” said Nathan Schroeder, a board member for the Ohio Pork Council and a Putnam County contract hog producer. “The PAC is there to help us out in D.C. and help lobby and they know how important that is. It was a near record raising around $38,000.”

Nonetheless, some significant problems loom large.… Continue reading

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National Ag Day March 19

The Agriculture Council of America (ACA) announced March 19, 2024, will be National Agriculture Day with the theme of “Agriculture: Growing a climate for tomorrow.” 

Activities planned for March 19 feature a virtual Ag Day program, and in-person events in Washington DC. ACA will invite students to interact virtually with legislators and agency representatives, delivering the Ag Day message. A core leadership team of college students will participate in the DC events, along with representatives of national farm and commodity organizations, representatives of the food, fuel, and fiber communities. 

Jenny Pickett, ACA President says students from AFA, 4-H, FFA, and MANNRS participated in 2023 National Ag Day.

“Students are interested in advocating on behalf of agriculture and their future roles in the industry. Their participation in National Ag Day activities provides a glimpse of the future of agriculture. It’s exciting to learn from the students what they think agriculture will be like in the years ahead, and how their involvement will shape the industry and America as a whole,” she said. … Continue reading

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Beef Expo breed sales

Ohio’s premier beef industry event, the Ohio Beef Expo is March 14-17, 2024 at the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus. The event will provide cattle enthusiasts from across Ohio and surrounding states with a unique experience that brings education, breed sales, youth shows, industry retail opportunities, and more together all in one place.

This year’s schedule will be similar to the 2023 event. The Coliseum will be used for all junior show activities. The Junior Show will continue with the Market Animal Show on Saturday and the Heifer Show on Sunday. The Expo Trade Show will continue to host vendors and retailers of all kinds to provide attendees with the opportunity to purchase everything from semen to trailers and from show supplies to insurance. The Genetic Pathway will provide buyers the opportunity to purchase semen from some of the nation’s leading genetics.

Nine breed sales will take place in the Voinovich building on the trade show floor throughout Friday and Saturday, March 15 and 16.… Continue reading

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