2015 Corn Harvest Cab Cam – Hardscrabble Farms, Delaware County

Things get busy in Delaware County in Mid-September, as the county fair begins its festivities. Usually, the way it times out, it is also the start of harvest season for The Skinners at Hardscrabble Farms. The Ohio Ag Net’s Ty Higgins hopped in the cab with Brian Skinner to talk about the recent Symphony on the Farm event, hosted by the Skinners. They also talk about early harvest progress and upcoming fair activities.… Continue reading

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Cab Cam – Ben Klick, Stark County

On September 11th, the Ohio Ag Net’s Ty Higgins headed to Northeast Ohio and paid a visit to Windy Way Farms in Massillon. That’s where he found 4th generation farmer Ben Klick harvesting soybeans. Find out how early harvest is shaping up in that part of the state and what Klick has learned from his Dad and Grandpa about farming for the long term.… Continue reading

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Farmers in northwest Ohio counting down the days until black layer

Many farmers in the northwest part of Ohio were wondering if they would have a corn crop to harvest this year. Now, with disease pressures adding to the challenge of stalk quality issues as corn enters the dent stage, many farmers are hoping black layer gets here sooner than later. The Ohio Ag Net’s Ty Higgins talks about the corn progress and harvest outlook with DuPont Pioneer Account Manager Chasitie Euler for this week’s DuPont Pioneer Field Report.… Continue reading

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Gray Leaf Spot and Northern Corn Leaf Blight widespread across Ohio

The recent I-75/I-71 Ohio Crop Tour saw scouts finding disease in nearly every field they visited. Gray Leaf Spot and Northern Corn Leaf Blight were among those at the top of their lists. DuPont Account Manager Mike Gahn of east central Ohio says a more in-depth look at fields reveals how genetics are taking care of some of the problems while a more comprehensive check of factors of in some areas may point to the need for intervention. Ohio Ag Net’s Joel Penhorwood visited with Gahn for the latest DuPont Pioneer Field Report.… Continue reading

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Corn pollination in southwest Ohio leaves little concern

Some farmers in Ohio were concerned with the timing of rains that come through during the critical corn pollination stage. DuPont Pioneer Account Manager Tate Cockerill says that customers in his area could see some of the best corn yields in years and the soybeans that looked like they wouldn’t produce may be surprising as well. The Ohio Ag Net’s Ty Higgins visits with Cockerill for this week’s DuPont Pioneer Field Report.… Continue reading

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A soybean that adds value during times of lower commodity prices

As a premium crop, high oleic soybeans can be especially beneficial to farmers in Ohio facing lower commodity prices this season. By offering the combination of strong yield performance and an opportunity to meet growing food industry needs, high oleic soybeans enable farmers to seek out higher profit potential.

The soy checkoff notes that high oleic soybeans are bred with the same agronomic trait and disease packages that farmers expect in their other soybean varieties. Because they yield on par with, or better than, commodity soybeans, farmers don’t have to choose between growing top-performing varieties and providing a product that processors and end users demand.

In addition, because the oil offers higher value for end users, processors offer farmers a premium to grow high oleic soybeans, resulting in higher profit opportunities. Premiums are based on what the end user will pay for the oil.

In the audio above, the Ohio Ag Net’s Ty Higgins visited with USB farmer-leader  and early high oliec adopter John Motter from Jenera, Ohio about the way these premium soybeans have performed on his farm.Continue reading

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Crops are coming around in north central Ohio

Although the north central part of Ohio didn’t get as much rain as the northwest, Seneca, Crawford and Wyandot Counties got their fair share. Derek Hunker is an Account Manager for DuPont Pioneer in those counties and in this week’s DuPont Pioneer Field Report he tells The Ohio Ag Net’s Ty Higgins that the recent sun and heat have made the corn and the soybeans perk up a bit and the outlook is much more positive than it was just two months ago.… Continue reading

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